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I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Dave DiGregorio Sr.  I was born in Waltham Mass.  Enlisted into the United States Navy. Served on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA 42 attack carrier.  Transferred to the USS Wasp CVS 18. Submarine Destroyer. I had the distinguished honor of representing our ship and our country in piping of honors in review of the Queen of England at the NATO review in Portsmouth England.

It was a proud day to be part of a team to receive a Unit Meritorious Citation from the President of the United States for Duty above and beyond call of duty for services in the Artic Ocean.   It was an honor to serve our country in time of need.  I spent 25 years in the broadcast and country music entertainment industry and have been for the past 22 years working with my son in Real Estate industry.  (Coldwell Banker).

Those that know me realize I am a serious supporter of my veteran’s brothers and sister.  I have initiated a bill that has been in Massachusetts legislation 4 plus years.  It is called the Advantage Housing Act.  It will help thousands of Low-Income veterans in the housing industry in Massachusetts.  It is a simple preference.  If those are interested, it is now H2185.  There is not a day, nor a minute do I not think of this bill and how it can help our most needy veterans.  It has been a long process and I have promised I will not give up.  It is the military way.  We will never under any circumstance leave our brothers and sisters behind.  127,000.00 veterans financially are struggling in poverty in Massachusetts alone.  I also created the non-profit LAUNCH for Vets.  We support at- risk veterans and work to address their issues as well as providing help in The Housing industry.

If you are a veteran or support our veteran’s, please Help us Help them.  We have created a program that provide top agents and brokers in the industry to ensure optimum results for our veteran clients and families.



David T DiGregorio Sr

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